Sree Kumaran India Developers (SKID) is headed by Mr. Krishnamurthy KC alias Delta Krishnamurthy. His true passion for building well-crafted homes brought him into the construction business two decades ago. Mr. Krishnamurthy visualizes to bring honesty and trust in the real estate business. He has managed to create a successful team of professionals who are working to satisfy every client’s interest. Sree Kumaran India Developers is one of the most reputed and top most builders in Coimbatore.

SKID does not only develop apartments and villas but we also customize our projects, building structures, and interior design according to the clients’ interests. All our customers show trust in us because of the quality of projects we have built across Coimbatore with a professional touch and honesty. Sree Kumaran is not like any usual developer, we use advanced technology and spectacular architecture which will surely be applauded and appreciated by the upcoming generations as well. We want all our customers who show trust in us to experience the aura and positivity of the place and live happily and peacefully in their homes. We use premium quality products for construction to ensure safe and extended living.

The process of decorating your home is exciting but it may be challenging as well. Despite all the challenges like not enough natural light coming into your space to a layout that is smaller than you would like it to be, you should be looking to show your design stylishly and tastefully. Paying attention to the minor details is very important while decorating your home. When you are planning to put your house for sale, with proper interior design and decoration you are more likely to get a higher price from potential buyers for the efforts you put into it. Choosing the right type of furniture or the right colorway for your walls will take you a step closer to crafting your home the way you always wanted.

One key aspect to keep in mind while revamping your house is to not get too carried away with the trends. You should be going with something that suits your taste instead of adhering to the new trends. A home should be a presentation and reflection of one’s personality. Try to choose items that would last longer and be careful while choosing cheap items. Longer lasting items may be a bit expensive but they are an investment in the long run.

Some useful tips that may help you in designing your home are:

  • Using your walls as a canvas : Rather than just sticking to the boring single tone walls in your home you should try and experiment something new which would create a wow factor. Call in some experienced and professional painters who would be able to give you the right advice. Using high impact wallpapers is a good option if you want to change the look of your room. Paint the walls of your kids’ room with their favorite cartoon characters, paint the living room with a design that is aesthetic, and would enlighten you when you are dull and low.
  • Being Bold in Small Spaces : Bold prints in small spaces can surely be impactful when you are designing your home. Graphic prints can be used to highlight that corner of your house that people used to ignore or over-see in the past. This tip is the game-changer when it comes to interior designing. Try out floral prints on the space which would provide a bolder look.
  • Color Schemes : Pick a color scheme for every room and design it accordingly. Using the furniture placed in the specific room pick a palette. Use colors that contrast each other. For better outcomes choose something that will go hand in hand with the other rooms of the house. Look at the bigger picture, see your home from a holistic perspective. Trying to balance out one room against the other can help in adding a touch of craft to a variety of your places.
  • Color in Hallways : Don’t be too reserved and keep your hallways boring. Choose an unexpected color and step outside your comfort zone to showcase your artistic side. This is one of the trendy ways of designing your home to look more superior.
  • High Low Design : Balance out your room by adding stuff from your parents’ collection to something trendy in today’s world. This would help in making the place look more holistic and admiring the heritage as well. Adding artifacts from different levels of prices and craftsmanship can also be used to create a more holistic look for your room.
  • Combination of Styles : Mix and match different styles that it creates a more aesthetic look to your room. Combine styles that you like and try to make your room more appealing than before.
  • Do Not Settle for One Look : Allow yourself to change the look of your home from time to time just as the way your life changes from time to time. You should keep evolving the looks of your house to make it look more appealing to people. Picking up something that grabs your eye from the nearby shops can help in adding a new touch to your place. Never compromise on comfort, your house should be the most comfortable place for you on the planet.
  • Impressive Lighting : Install impressive lights which are essential to make your space look tidier. Choose from LED lights that are effective to warm lights that will add up to your aesthetics. You can also opt for chandeliers for a decorative purpose.
  • Add More Mirrors : Adding more mirrors can make your place look bigger. Mirrors can also help in maximizing daylight into your place. Add a mirror in your hall to make it more inviting for guests.

Proper decoration and interior designs can help you make a bold statement among your circle. With experienced professionals like Sree Kumaran India Developers, you can make your house more appealing. Sree Kumaran not only designs individual villas but also apartments and buildings. Sree Kumaran has over 20 years of experience in the real estate business now and knows what’s the best option for all your needs and requirements. Sree Kumaran never lets its clients down and always fulfills every clients’ desires and wishes for their perfect homes.